Advisory Services

As a real estate investor, you know the importance of deliberate and well-informed decisions. Justinrealestate offers strategic advice on managing and optimising your real estate portfolio and possible new investments or divestments. Furthermore, we are active in the area of business accommodation, giving you advice on the right property to sell or buy for your company. In short, we provide full-service real estate advice for both owners and users.

Strategic real estate advice

Your real estate portfolio is constantly changing. This may be the result of new investments or divestments or the way in which you are financed. It may also mean that the risk profile of your portfolio requires some re-adjustment. Justinrealestate has the expertise and experience to optimise your real estate portfolio and advise you on:

  • structuring and financing of your portfolio with buy-hold-sell and scenario analyses;
  • return on investment calculations;
  • options for expanding or selling within your portfolio;;
  • re-negotiating current lease agreements;;
  • finding the right partners for legal, fiscal, technical and financial matters;;
  • business accomodation.

Advice on business accomodation

In addition to strategic portfolio advice, you can also use our expertise on buying, selling or leasing real estate. We mainly focus on:

  • market research into and the selection of suitable real estate;
  • advice on sale & leaseback constructions (sale of your property to an investor and lease back by your company);
  • advice on contract negotiations;
  • guidance in obtaining the right legal, fiscal and technical advice (choosing the right advisor);
  • guidance in obtaining financial advice for your real estate objects (choosing the right financial expert).

Justinrealestate has a large and valuable network in the real estate market. We have close connections with investors, developers and financiers. This enables us to bring the right parties together for transactions to buy or sell and lease quickly and smoothly.


Our experience shows that strategic advice combined with hands-on execution leads to concrete results for your real estate position. We therefore cordially invite you to contact us and discuss all the different possibilities to improve your real estate portfolio. Please contact us via 0031-6-50513555 or