Field of activities

Investing in real estate offers many opportunities. The complexity of most real estate objects, however, calls for thorough knowledge and experience to get the most out of your investments commercially, financially, legally and fiscally. Justinrealestate advises and mediates in purchase and sale transactions of almost all types of commercial real estate. Below you find the asset categories in which we operate.

Commercial real estate

Justinrealestate has extensive experience in commercial real estate. We negotiate deals, advise in selling and buying and optimising your portfolio for almost all types of real estate:

  • offices
  • shops & shopping centres
  • office buildings
  • logistical sites
  • transformation objects & property (re)development
  • healthcare real estate
  • portfolios

Residential real estate

Residential real estate occupies a special place in the current market. The high demand for residential investments in the Netherlands poses a considerable challenge to be able to acquire interesting residential investments. The increasing demand is causing scarcity in good investment products and rapidly rising prices. Through our network we ensure that you as an investor can still acquire homes, both new and existing construction.

In addition, vacant office buildings and other business real estate objects are increasingly being transformed into homes. We are very active in the purchase and sale of transformation objects or redevelopments, often involving the transformation of offices or other commercial real estate into homes. Justinrealestate guides you through the entire process, from the inventory phase to the final contract settlement.

Your partner in real estate

Real estate is an interesting option to protect, expand and make a return on your assets. Justinrealestate can support you in optimising the return on your (future) real estate objects. Within the mentioned work areas, we support you with:

  • guidance in buying and selling real estate as an investment (Investment Services);
  • strategic advice on real estate (Advisory Services);
  • commercial management of your real estate (Asset Management Services).

Are you an active investor in real estate who wants to know more about our services? Contact us on +31-6-50513555 or info@justinrealestate.nlWe are happy to tell you more about it.