Investment Services

The economy faces challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however interest rates are low, and the demand for profitable investments is still there. There are very interesting options in real estate to make your assets profitable over a longer period of time. Justinrealestate can guide you through the entire process of purchase and/or sale transactions to further optimise your real estate portfolio.

Purchase of real estate as an investment

Whether you invest for third parties or look for options for yourself as a private investor, achieving a good and stable return combined with an acceptable risk level is paramount. Buying at the right time on the right terms is crucial. Justinrealestate guides you in acquiring real estate for your portfolio profile by successively:

  • making a thorough analysis of your current real estate portfolio;;
  • selecting objects that match your profitability and risk profile;;
  • guiding you through the entire purchasing process by supplying, analysing and processing market data, making return calculations, negotiating price and transaction conditions, due diligence and concluding the purchase agreement.

Because of our close connections with both institutional and private investors, real estate funds, developers, banks and other stakeholders we are capable to include the most interesting investment objects in our portfolio. We also guide you in the acquisition of investments that aren’t on the market yet.

Sale of your real estate investment

A good sale of your investment object(s) plays a critical role in realising your total return on investment (both direct and indirect). Again, timing and conditions are of great importance. A large network of potential buyers is indispensable. Justinrealestate has an extensive network of both (inter)national and local investors. We constantly keep our network updated, which enables us to make a selection of potential buyers very quickly and realise a maximum profit at the lowest possible execution risk. This makes us your ideal partner in selling your investment real estate to the right parties.

Financing of your real estate investment

A decent real estate investment requires appropriate and structured financing. The (now historically low) interest rates in combination with the degree of leverage (loan to value) has a major influence on the return to be realised on your real estate portfolio. There are multiple aspects and possibilities when it comes to financing your investment real estate. Expert advice on the use of your own capital versus loan capital helps to optimise the return on your investment.

We can bring you in contact with the right partners to provide the financing of your real estate investment. Justinrealestate maintains close and direct relations with multiple financial institutions, including both Dutch and foreign banks, pension funds and private equity. In addition, we have a large number of specialists in our network who can further assist you in the eventual structuring of your financing.

Interested in the different options to optimise your portfolio? Please contact us via +31 6 50 51 35 55 or We are happy to arrange a meeting with you.